What does the rabbit mean in casino games?

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The rabbit is an animal widely used in casino games because of its association with luck and fortune. In some cultures, the rabbit is considered a symbol of fertility and prosperity, making it a popular icon in gambling.

Additionally, the rabbit is known for its ability to jump and dodge, which in some circles has been associated with luck.

Hot Cross Bunnies: The Beginning of the Saga

Hot Cross Bunnies

Released in 2013, it is a rabbit slot from the developer Realistic Games. Fans of classic type slots will like Hot Cross Bunnies, as this game is made in a retro style. Thus, on the screen, the player will see 3 reels and 1 line, which offers the bettor a payout of up to x300 the amount wagered.

His symbols include cherries, grapes, bells, oranges, and of course, the rabbit. The slot thrills the player with the spinning of the reels, while the movement is accompanied by visual and sound effects, as well as background music.

Proving that the rabbit is indeed the ringmaster, the bettor who collects all three rabbits will gain access to the Bunny Money functionality. The game is worth enjoying as there are 27 ways to start the Bunny Money functionality.

Hot Cross Bunnies is not just another traditional-style slot offered by Bodog, but rather a classic of online slots, so popular that it has seen quite a few successions. Let’s see what they are.

Hot Cross Bunnies LoadsABunny

As a continuation of its predecessor Hot Cross Bunnies, the Hot Cross Bunnies LoadsABunny machine comes as a natural response to the wishes of the most enthusiastic players. Like its predecessor from 2013, it is an intuitive and easy-to-play machine.

Despite the simplicity and practicality of the game, the developers have spared no effort in improving its graphics. At this point, the developer Realistic Games has shown its work by delivering games with excellent quality graphics and sound effects. A fundamental care on the part of the company, as regular gamblers know the importance of image and sound in online slots.

Hot Cross Bunnies LoadsABunny is a game that fits the profile of slots with 5 reels, which provides more possibilities and combinations for the player to receive some kind of prize with their bet. Evolving from a 3 reel machine with a single payline, this slot goes even further with 5 reels and 20 paylines.

Hot Cross Bunnies Game Changer

Hot Cross Bunnies

It is the latest game released by Realistic Games for rabbit lovers, and it brings innovations compared to the previous ones. Keeping with the 5-reel trend, this game has 20 pay lines, but resembles old-fashioned slots.

Without neglecting the playability and practicality of the game, the company managed to change the concept of the game by using a feature that many slot players are excited about: the Game Changer functionality.

This functionality allows, in the bonus mode, the slot machine to transform into a table game, which breaks the rhythm of the game and allows the player to take a break from spinning the reels without losing focus on the game. More than just an interesting feature, Hot Cross Bunnies Game Changer provides more profit to the bettor, and that is why it is so appreciated.

Pay attention, because during the bonus mode the bettor can win up to a thousand times the amount bet!

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