What are 1×2 bets in sports betting?

1×2 bets

To be successful in sports betting, it is of great importance to know, little by little, each of the types of sports bets available on the market. It is true that there are complex bets that require a lot of study by the bettor just to understand how they work, but it is important to understand each of these details and, above all, to understand what the main risks are for the bettor.

In addition to these more complex bets, there are also those that are easy to access and understand, such as the 1×2 bet, also known as a “simple bet”.

Discover with us, in this article, information about this type of bet and its use in sports, as well as tips on how you can get the best results from it.

What are 1×2 bets?

1×2 bets are bets on the winner. It does not matter which championship or which sport you choose to place a sports bet, nor the number of goals, points, games or sets. In the case of a simple bet, the bettor only has to bet on the winner. As simple as that! This number, 1×2, ultimately refers to three options that are given to the bettor:

  • 1 – bet on the victory of the home team;
  • x – bet on the draw;
  • 2 – bet on the victory of the visiting team.

Despite having the three options mentioned, this betting market can also be used in sports in which a tie is very rare or practically non-existent. The difference is that in these cases you usually find the numbers without the X, just 1 and 2. This is what happens, for example, in simple tennis bets. The name of the bet is the same, the only relevant factor is that a tie is practically impossible, so the option of a tie is not offered in the bet.

How to place 1×2 bets on each sport?

place 1×2 bets

These bets are usually published days before the matches take place. So, this is a good opportunity to think and calculate the forecasts of each of the matches on which you intend to bet. Once the calculations are done, all you have to do is define the winning team and place the bet.

What are the tips to do well in 1×2 betting?

Since Bodog’s idea is to help bettors find the best results, we leave here some tips to ensure good results in this type of sports betting.

Consider the statistics before betting

This will always be one of the main recommendations in the world of betting. Knowing the sport and the trend of the teams well before placing the bets is very important.

Consider the current situation of each team

Sometimes the home team is not even the favourite, because their last away results have not been good, but the home advantage, with the support of the fans and not having to travel before the game, influences several results. It is important to be aware of this.

Remember that it is possible to bet even after the start of the match

start of the match

Even with a longer time to place the bets, since they are usually available days before the match takes place, the bettor will not have major problems if they have any doubts or do not have enough time to think about the result before the match.

This is because in many cases it is possible to bet even several minutes after the start of the match. It is likely that, in this last minute bet, the bettor loses part of the advantage in the value of the odds, but even so, it is always good to know that it is possible to try your luck until a little later.

So that’s all…

It is important to know that the simple or 1×2 bet is one of the great allies of beginner bettors, because it is well known and has a lot of information, tips and picks. With this amount of information, you are more likely to make a good profit and avoid the risks of unknown bets.

However, more experienced bettors also see it as a good option. This is because its simplified model makes life easier, even for those who have been betting for a long time and prefer to guarantee a winning margin on a type of bet they know better. Therefore, there are no prejudices: the simple bet is valued by all.

There are other types of bets possible. At the moment we present the details of the 1×2 bet, but we are always ready to present the other types, so that you have more betting options and acquire more knowledge in this field. In the meantime, we hope you continue to have good luck. See you soon!

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